Our Partners

Teaching University Geomedi is an accredited higher educational institution founded in 1998. The founder of the University is Professor Marina Pirtskhalava. The assessment of study process and students’ knowledge is done in accordance with the ECTS system.

There are four faculties at the University:


Medical Doctor’s Program (English)

Degree: The Degree of a Medical Doctor – MD (360 credits)


Degree: Doctor of Dental Medicine (300 credits)

Residential Program in Therapeutic Stomatology

Health Care Economics and Management

Degrees: Bachelor of Health Care management (240 credits)

Master of Health Care management (120 credits)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Degrees: Bachelor of Health Care in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (240 credits)

Master of Health care in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (120 credits)

The University has well-equipped auditoriums, laboratories, lecture halls. Dental clinic of the University is equipped with modern technologies.

The University provides the best conditions for students to pursue a higher education degree.


Teaching university Geomedi is a higher educational institution equipped with modern infrastructure and techniques. It is oriented towards integration with international educational field and constant renewal. TUG slogan, “We Shape Your Future” completely coincides with its mission and objectives.

Teaching university Geomedi is simultaneously based on ancient educational traditions and European higher education methods of scientific research. Teaching university Geomedi proves its devotedness towards main directions of European educational environment which are reflected on fundamental principles of Bologna process and Copenhagen declaration.

Fundamental mission ofTeaching universityGeomedican be defined as follows:

  • Pursuing educational policy which will be in compliance with modern national and international standards;
  • Creating the best, student-oriented learning and research environment;
  • Preparing qualified and compatible specialists;
  • Forming students’ values based on convergent and divergent thinking.

  • Teaching university geomedi has highly developed and modern infrastructure. In 2012-2013 a new building was constructed which fully meets modern standards. Classes of European standard, a big library, cafeteria, sport halls and a garden create the best teaching environment. Facilities are completely student friendly. Due to modern infrastructure, Studying at
  • Teaching university geomedi is not a routine work, rather than pleasant and joyful process.
  • Given that programs of Teaching university geomediare equally based on theoretical as well as practical teaching methods TUG has developed training facility. High tech equipment is available for the students of every offered specialty. In this respect special attention is devoted to Medical students. Building of university hospital is planned to be finished in 2016.
International Partnership

During years, Teaching university geomedihas established partnership with a number of universities, therefore facilitating its integration in the world educational system.

Students of the University Geomedi have an opportunity to participate in exchange programs providing the access to the leading Universities and Clinics abroad, communicate with the professionals, gain experience that will be very helpful in their professional career. After the exchange program the students receive the certificates. The mission of the International Department is to establish relationships with foreign Universities, international funds, organizations and clinics thus involving the students and the staff in exchange programs, admitting foreign students at the English language educational programs. Partner Universities are listed below:

  • The North American Youth Sports Institute (The USA, Huddleston, Virginia)
  • The Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University (The USA, Atlanta, Georgia)
  • The Abbott Northwestern Hospital ID Clinics (The USA, Minneapolis, MN.)
  • Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine (Israel, Jerusalem, International M.P.H. Program)
  • The University of Minnesota (The USA, Minnesota)
  • Institute of Biostructure and Biostructure and Bioimaging (IBB-CNR) and Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC-CNR) – (Napoli, Italy)