MBBS Admission in Montenegro

MBBS in Admission Montenegro

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montenegro is an educational and scientific institution located in Podgorica, Montenegro. The Faculty of Medicine is a well renowned medical school in the Balkan region. It offers an excellent medical education experience, as well as numerous research opportunities. Throughout our professional study programs we train future physicians, dentists, and pharmacists for their respective field in accordance with the framework of the Bologna Process.

The Faculty of Medicine offers the following study programs:
  • Medicine: This is a 6-year program (12 semesters). Upon graduation from this program, students earn a professional degree of a Medical Doctor.
  • Dentistry: This is a 5-year program (10 semesters). Graduates of this program earn a professional degree of a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (Doctor of Stomatology).
  • o Pharmacy: This is a 5-year program (10 semesters). Graduates of this program earn a professional degree of a Doctor of Pharmacy.
  • Applied Physiotherapy: The basic studies of this program last 3 years (6 semesters) and an additional 1 year is focused on specialized studies (2 semesters). Upon completing specialized studies, students earn a Bachelor's Degree of a Specialist in Physiotherapy.
  • Higher Medical School: This is an educational program designed for the Studies of Patient Care. This is a 3-year program (6 semesters). Upon graduation from the basic studies, the students earn a Bachelor's degree of a Senior Medical Nurse. Students also have the opportunity to continue this program by completing the one-year specialized studies in patient care. Upon graduation, these students earn a title of a Senior Medical Nurse-Specialist.

Additionally, the Faculty of Medicine offers doctoral studies in the fields of medicine and dentistry. The Ph.D. studies last 3 years (6 semesters). Once they defend their Ph.D. thesis, students earn the academic title of Ph.D. in Medical Science, or Ph.D. in Science of Dentistry respectively.

The Faculty of Medicine offers education to medical doctors specializing in various fields of medicine, ensuring that they acquire specialized medical knowledge and skills, and get high quality hands-on experience they need as future physician-specialists.

Specialization in Radiology and Family Medicine is carried out according to the plan and program at the Faculty of Medicine and it's clinical bases. Doctors completing specialist studies must pass the final exam in front of the committee members who are selected from the Faculty of Medicine professors.

The Faculty of Medicine uses the most up-to-date indicators to measure and ensure the best quality of education possible.

For theoretical lectures, the faculty has modern buildings, amphitheaters, auditoriums, laboratories, computer labs, and classrooms for pre-clinical studies.

Classes for clinical studies are held in the clinical institutions that represent medical educational and scientific base: the Clinical Center of Montenegro, the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro, and the Centers of Primary Health Care in Podgorica.